Thursday, September 13, 2012

rough thursday

today was not the best day.
at work, i was only with the little babes for two hours and i got thrown up on. 
i worked for ten hours after not getting much sleep last night and i was just so exhausted.
i also miss mike...he's been gone since sunday and coming home to an empty apartment is starting to get old.

i was feeling pretty sorry for myself as i was walking to the t. but as i was making my way through downtown boston, i realized how lucky i truly am. there are so many people that have to go to jobs that they hate every day. people who have to work through the night. i get to do something everyday that makes me feel useful and important.
i'm so blessed to be with someone who has a great job that allows him to travel and learn and his job is MORE than worth being apart for a week. 

life is so much easier and better when you focus on the good instead of the bad, you know?

Monday, September 3, 2012

past few weeks...

there has been a lot going on over the past couple weeks! 

1. we went to one of these.

2. we got to go to this...

...where i had one of these.

3. saw this driving down on I-93 on the way to work. so fun.

4. and then this past saturday we went to hampton beach.

we've just been relaxing and catching up on stuff around the apartment for the past couple days.
having today off is SO nice.
makes me wish every weekend was three days long.

happy labor day!

Monday, July 23, 2012

just another weekend...

this weekend mike and i went to chinatown with geoff and charlene (first time for me)...

got our coffee table and rug...

ate delicious onion rings from parish cafe...

and found this pretty heart leaf in our parking lot.

overall, i'd say it was a success! happy monday!

Sunday, July 15, 2012

these past 3 weeks have FLOWN by. we have been in new hampshire, colorado, and vermont. 
and i'm exhausted.
so for now, here are a few pictures
that give an idea of what 
we've been up to.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

so. much. dessert.

today it was over 96 degrees in boston. 96!!
yesterday was in the 70's, and then all of the sudden,
heat wave.

so when mike met me after work we decided that we needed to get to an AC, stat.
we ended up at the chart house restaurant.
we cooled down and ordered clam chowder (crazy, i know, but it is becoming my favorite food) 
but we had to send it back because it tasted like what i 
think cleaning supplies would taste like.

then we decided to order the molten lava cake.
we waited 45 minutes for the lava cake.
we probably won't be going back to the chart house.

after we got home and relaxed for a little, we decided to walk to the pier near
our apartment and get ICE CREAM. 
seriously, we're the worst.
so we didn't have dinner. 
just cake and ice cream.

not a great picture but that's my
ice cream and in the 
background are some boats
and you can see the lights of boston.
fun :)

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

this weekend

this past weekend, mike and i went out to the gay pride parade in boston! i've never been to a pride parade before so i was very interested to see what it'd be like. and it was a beautiful day so we wanted to spend it in the city!
here are a few pictures...

after we watched part of the parade and listened to a drag queen band called "aerochicks" (they were good!!), we wandered over to the market at haymarket and stocked up on some fruit. 
it all looked so good.
we might have bought too much. oops. 

 these are dead fish. we did not buy these. they were smelly and gross. 

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

free stuff!

the other night mike and i were headed to the grocery store when we noticed a sign in the lobby of our building that offered a free armoire. mike has said numerous times that he'd like an armoire to hold his suits and dress clothes and to free up some space in the closet for me (since my bureau was bursting at the seams with clothes and i complained every time i had to put clean clothes away...) so he called the number and the nice lady said we could have it!

so mike scheduled to go pick it up at 11am the next day...because yes, he has the best job ever and can be free at 11 on a tuesday. 

i'm not quite sure what happened while i was at work.
but when i got home, we had STUFF.
i'm talking 4 new tables (side, nightstand, entryway, and one for the balcony),
new bookshelf,
another barstool that miraculously goes perfectly with our other two,
a huge, beautiful armoire,
and a pretty big Coach bag!

like i said, i don't really know how it happened...
but i obviously have a pretty charming boyfriend ;)

here it is. it's huge and wonderful.