Wednesday, June 6, 2012

free stuff!

the other night mike and i were headed to the grocery store when we noticed a sign in the lobby of our building that offered a free armoire. mike has said numerous times that he'd like an armoire to hold his suits and dress clothes and to free up some space in the closet for me (since my bureau was bursting at the seams with clothes and i complained every time i had to put clean clothes away...) so he called the number and the nice lady said we could have it!

so mike scheduled to go pick it up at 11am the next day...because yes, he has the best job ever and can be free at 11 on a tuesday. 

i'm not quite sure what happened while i was at work.
but when i got home, we had STUFF.
i'm talking 4 new tables (side, nightstand, entryway, and one for the balcony),
new bookshelf,
another barstool that miraculously goes perfectly with our other two,
a huge, beautiful armoire,
and a pretty big Coach bag!

like i said, i don't really know how it happened...
but i obviously have a pretty charming boyfriend ;)

here it is. it's huge and wonderful.

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