Saturday, June 2, 2012

rainy day

today it was really really rainy all day. so we decided to stay in and do...absolutely nothing. 
the past couple weekends have been super busy for us so we wanted to hang in our apartment and relax.
we ate chips and salsa and watched dawson's creek (streaming on netflix).
mike is so nice about watching ridiculous shows with me. :)
i really like lazy days doing nothing with my boyfriend.
the end.

ps...did you know that before yesterday, mike had never had a starbucks coffee?! neither did i! so of course we had to go get one right away!

he ordered some fancy ethiopian coffee that only 150 starbucks stores in the world have, and hated it. haha.
so we split my white chocolate mocha and walked through the commons. it was sort of perfect. :)

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